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ER2310 Supersealer and Release Agent

ER2310 quickly and effectively seals porous surfaces such as plaster, gypsum, clays, stone, concrete, cement and wood, and facilitates the release of Eager Plastics mold rubbers without interfering with surface detail. Because it is water soluable, it can be easily washed away with warm water - thus your orginal piece will be unharmed. ER3210 is a bulk liquid applied with a brush and dries in 5 minutes. Multiple layers can be applied for very porous surfaces. The benefits of using Supersealer are the following:

* Easily washed away from coated surface with warm water
* Low cost
* Low viscosity coats even the most porous surfaces
* Rapid Evaporation
* Can be applied in ultra-thin layers

ER2310 has been used as a non-silicone based release agent. In short, ER2310 is am excellent sealing agent for many surfaces prior to pouring silicone or urethane rubbers. ER2310 does does not interfere with surface detail and can be washed off a model surface with warm water. It has become very popular with people making molds of antiques, delicate architectural ornamentation and other valuable originals.

Available in the following sizes:
4 Gallon Cases

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