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ER2320 Concrete and Cement Mold Release

ER2320 is a water-based release agent for separating concrete and cement castings from a numerous mold surfaces such as Eager Plastics flexible moldmaking urethane rubbers such as EP1150. ER2320 produces a clean positive release from the mold, and there is no effect on surface detail.

ER2320 has the following properties:
* Increased Mold Life
* Bulk Liquid can be easily and quickly applied with a brush
* No Build-up, thus keeping forms clean
* Does not stain, damage or soften concrete or cement surfaces
* Water-based Release Agent for Environmental Compliance
* Release concrete castings from many types of mold surfaces, including Polyurethane Rubber, Wood, Steel, Fiberglass, Aluminum and Plastic.

ER2320 is available in the following sizes:
4 Gallon Cases

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