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EP4140 Flexible Polyester Laminating Resin

EP4140 is a room temperature cured, air-inhibited, flexible, casting resin promoted for fast gel and cure. EP4140 is widely used to make flexible furniture trim or wood-like carvings. It is nailable whether it is filled or unfilled. However, fillers, such as pecan shell flour, perlite, glass bubbles, fiberglass fibers, etc. are generally used, in amounts up to 50%, to increase strength, and to reduce weight and cost.

The gel time and cure time are both dependent on three things. These are: (1) the percentage of MEK-P used. (2) the temperatures of all ingredients and environment. (3) the mass concentration of the resin, i.e. solid mass vs. thin film. A normal starting level, at 72F, is 1-1/4 % by weight, or 10 drops catalyst per ounce of resin, or 1 teaspoon catalyst per pint of resin. If castings overheat, reduce the catalyst percentage and try again. On the other hand, if castings are soft, increase the catalyst percentage. As temperatures rise above 72F, decrease catalyst, and vice-versa. Experiment until the correct ratio is determined.

Typical liquid properties are:
Specific Gravity: 1.13
Viscosity: 225 cps
Gel time (at 72F & 1-1/4% MEK-P): 3 minutes
Flash point: 89 deg. F
Color: Dark, purplish brown

EP4140 is available in the following sizes:
Quarts bottles: 2-1/4 lbs.
Gallons bottles: 9 lbs.
5 gallon bottles: 45 lbs.
55 gallon drums 500 lbs.

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