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EP4202 Foam shipping Policy

EP4202 is a polyurethane foam system that is shipped as two liquids in two separate containers. When these two liquids are mixed together, a reaction begins that foams the mixture and makes it cure into a Styrofoam like substance. The foaming process is the result of a foaming agent or blowing agent that converts to a gas making the mixture fill up with bubbles.

Think of a carbonated soft drink. There is a gas dissolved into the beverage. When it is poured, the bubbles come out. If refrigerated, the bubbles are generated slowly. If the soda is really hot, this venting can be very vigorous. When the temperature is hot a great deal of pressure is formed inside the container that can in some cases force the cap off. If the container is bounced and shaken (as in transportation) the tendency is further aggravated. The cap coming off is the result of the pressure build up inside the bottle from the heat and vibration.

EP4202 will do the same thing. In the past, whenever shipments were made during hot seasons of the year, there were many incidents of leakage and loss during transportation. The deliveries were never made because of leakage. Once a carton begins to show leakage, UPS, Fed-Ex and other carriers return the carton to the shipper. This product, under these circumstances, is not eligible for insurance; so any loss is not covered.

Consequently, the policy is to not ship this product during the hot seasons of the year. If temperatures between Chicago and the destination are reaching highs above 72°F, damage is likely to occur. Orders are held until the temperatures drop to levels where transportation can proceed successfully.

Thank you.

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