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EP5312 Low Viscosity Epoxy Compound

Other Products in this family:
EP5312 - Thin (low-viscosity), castable, laminating system with 50 minute pot life
EP5314 - Thicker (higher-viscosity) and stronger version of EP5312
EP5340 - Thin (low-viscosity), castable, laminating system with 20 min pot life & low toxicity
EP5342 - Thicker (higher-viscosity) and stronger version of EP5340
EP5345 - Same as EP5342, but will cure at temperature as low as 35°F.
EP5347 - Thinner (Lower Viscosity) version of EP3545

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: EP5312 is a two component, room temperature curing, rigid, unfilled system with low viscosity and excellent wetting characteristics. The long pot life means that less time is spent in batching and mixing. This makes EP5312 particularly attractive in wet lay-up applications of fiberglass or casting up to ¾" thick.

APPLICATIONS: EP5312 has been used to laminate carbon, graphite and kevlar fibers for high-strength, light-weight bike frames, motorcycle fenders, racecar bodies, etc. Other applications include: laminating fiberglass cloth in the making of wooden cedar strip canoes; electrical potting; repair of trucks and cars; FRP fenders and parts; patching of cracked and chipped cement/concrete stairs, sidewalks and driveways. When combined with Cab-O-Sil and microballoons, EP5312 can be used as a fairing compound in the repair of fiberglass boats, cars, fenders and other fiberglass products where large gaps or holes must be filled.

Recommended mix ratio is 3 parts of A with 1 part of B, by weight. This provides a 50 minute pot life, and a 24 hour cure time at room temperature. Maximum properties are obtained after a 2-hour post-cure at 212°F. Pot life and cure time will vary depending on temperature, humidity and casting thickness. The resultant unreinforced plastic has these properties:

Mix Ratio, by weight: 3A : 1B
Pot Life: 50 minutes
Viscosity, mixed: 800 cps
Specific Gravity: 1.10
Hardness (durometer): 84 D
Shrinkage: 1.5%
Heat Resistance: 160°F (59°C)
Dielectric Constant: 3.76
Volume Resistivity: 1.64 x 1015 Ohm/cm
Moisture Absorption: 0.18 %
Tensile Strength: 8,600 psi
Compressive Strength: 12,200 psi
Flexural Strength: 13,600 psi
Cured Color: Clear Amber

EP5312 is available in the following sizes:

Quart Kit (2 lb)
Gallon Kit (8 lb)
5 Gallon Kit (40 lb)
55 Gallon Drum Kit (440 lb)

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