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EP5340 Unfilled Low-viscosity Epoxy Resin. Low Toxicity

Other Products in this family:
EP5312 - Thin (low-viscosity), castable, laminating system with 50 minute pot life
EP5314 - Thicker (higher-viscosity) and stronger version of EP5312
EP5340 - Thin (low-viscosity), castable, laminating system with 20 min pot life & low toxicity
EP5342 - Thicker (higher-viscosity) and stronger version of EP5340
EP5345 - Same as EP5342, but will cure at temperature as low as 35°F.
EP5347 - Thinner (Lower Viscosity) version of EP3545

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: EP5340 is a two component, room temperature curing, rigid, unfilled system with very low viscosity and excellent wetting characteristics. This makes EP5340 particularly attractive in wet lay-up applications of fiberglass or casting up to 1/2" thick. EP5340 uses a special "safety" hardener that has a low toxicity.

APPLICATIONS: EP5340 has been used to laminate carbon, graphite and kevlar fibers for high-strength, light-weight bike frames, motorcycle fenders, racecar bodies, etc. Other applications include: laminating fiberglass cloth in the making of wooden cedar strip canoes; electrical potting; repair of trucks and cars; FRP fenders and parts; patching of cracked and chipped cement/concrete stairs, sidewalks and driveways. When combined with Cab-O-Sil and microballoons, EP5340 can be used as a fairing compound in the repair of fiberglass boats, cars, fenders and other fiberglass products where large gaps or holes must be filled.

Recommended mix ratio is 4 parts of A with 1 parts of B, by weight. This provides a 20 minute pot life, and a 24 hour cure time at room temperature. Pot life and cure time will vary depending on temperature, humidity and casting thickness. The resultant unreinforced epoxy has these properties:

Mix Ratio, by weight: 4A : 1B
Pot Life: 20 minutes
Viscosity, mixed: 600 cps
Specific Gravity: 1.11
Hardness (durometer): 88 D
Shrinkage: 1.5%
Heat Resistance: 140°F
Dielectric Constant: 4.57
Volume Resistivity: 6.1 x 1015 Ohm/cm
Moisture Absorption: 0.6%
Tensile Strength: 9,000 psi
Compressive Strength: 16,000 psi
Flexural Strength: 15,000 psi
Cured Color: Light Straw

EP5340 is available in the following sizes:

Quart Kit (2-1/2 lb)
Gallon Kit (10 lb)
5 Gallon Kit (50 lb)
55 Gallon Drum Kit (550 lb)

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