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EP5356 Filled Moderate-viscosity Epoxy

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: EP5356 is a room temperature curing, rigid, filled system with moderate viscosity. Applications are generally electrical potting. However, tooling and prototyping uses have been successful due to minimum shrinkage and excellent duplication of fine detail. It can be cast up to ¾" thick. For thicker castings up to 3" use EP84-0223. Cured EP5356 is extremely resistant to abrasion. EP5356 uses a special "safety" activator, so its toxicity is lower than product EP5351.

APPLICATIONS: Casting of abrasion-resistant fixtures and nests for machining; electrical potting; anchoring bolts into concrete floors; leveling rough floors for machinery installation; inexpesnive alternative of tool steel for sizing gauges; production of surface plates.

The resultant unreinforced plastic has these properties:

Mix ratio, by weight: 10R : 1A
Pot life: 30 min at 72°F
Cure time: 24 hr at 72°F
Viscosity, mixed: 3,000 cps
Specific Gravity: 1.52
Hardness: 92 D
Max. Use Temperature: 175°F
Dielectric Constant: 4.6
Dissipation Factor: 0.015
Moisture Absorption: 0.15%
Volume Resistivity: 4.1x1014 Ohm/cm
Tensile Strength: 6,000 psi
Compressive Strength: 16,000 psi
Linear Shrinkage: 0.8%
Cured Color: Opaque Black

EP5356 is available in the following sizes:

Quart Kit (2 1/2 lb) = $32.00
Gallon Kit (10 lb) = $86.00
5 Gallon Kit (50 lb) = $333.85

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