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EP6151 Epoxy Adhesive

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: EP6151 is a superb general purpose adhesive for bonding almost any material where outstanding impact, vibration and shock properties are needed. EP6151 exhibits high tensile and shear strength and performs superbly in most applications down to -100°F. It is an excellent adhesive for bonding glass, ceramics (including concrete and cement) and optical components, and shows good adhesion to etched polyethylene, polystyrene and vinyl. It is also widely used to bond metals, wood and FRP. When mixed, the epoxy yields a long working time and has a paste-like consistency, giving it great gap-filling characteristics. It can be easily sanded to create smooth, paintable surfaces.

APPLICATIONS: EP6151 general purpose epoxy is a strong solution for numerous applications. It has been used to glue concrete curbs to asphalt parking lots; attach plastic sprinkler heads to steel pipe and conduit; fiberglass fender repair on cars and trucks; marble statue repair; gluing different types of wood together; toboggan manufacture and repair; bonding dissimilar materials such as fiberglass to metal; repair of windowsills; repair of concrete columns.

The resultant unreinforced epoxy has these properties:

Mix Ratio, by weight: 1 A : 1 B
Pot Life: 90 min at 72°F
Cure Cycle: 24 hr at 72°F
Viscosity, mixed: Paste
Specific Gravity: 1.55
Shore Hardness: 72 D
Maximum Use Temperature: 175°F
Color: Off - White (can be customized to most colors - black, blue, etc.)

EP6151 is available in the following sizes:

2 Pint Kit (2 lb) = $32.00
2 Quart Kit (4 lb) = $41.95
2 Gallon Kit (16 lb) = $121.95
10 Gallon Kit (80 lb) = $494.00
110 Gallon / 2 Drum Kit (880 lb) = $4,312.00

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