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Transparent Dye for Clear Casting Polyester, Urethane, Epoxy or Shellac, EP7701

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: EP7701 is a family of transparent coloring agents that are compatible with various Eager Plastics resin systems. The best coloring effect is achieved in water clear resins such as EP4101 crystal clear polyester or Crystal-Clear 200 Series (polyurethane). It can also be added to our clear Decoupage epoxy (EP2551) and we have heard of some clients who have been successful using it in shellac. EP7701 provides the following outstanding features:

(1) Low viscosity liquid for easy mixing
(2) High color concentration gives powerful effect
(3) All colors compatible with each other and can be blended
(4) No odor or toxicity
(5) No effect on pot life or demold time
(6) No effect on final, cured plastic properties
(7) No effect on subsequent decoration procedures (i.e. painting)

The colors available are: Hi-Bright Red; Ruby Red; Old Rose; Scarlet Red; Shocking Pink; Magenta; Violet; Bright Purple; Bright Orange; Honey Brown; Light Brown; Brilliant Blue; Royal Blue; Turquoise; Kelly Green; Lime Green; Fluorescent Yellow; Lemon Yellow; Fluorescent Lime; Avocado Green; Aztec Gold. For each color sample below, the color on the left was 1 drop in a 2 oz batch of EP4101 polyester resin. After the first sample was cast, a second drop was added in the remaining liquid. This was repeated until all liquid was used up. Your results may vary depending upon what concentration you use. The colors on your monitor may also vary slightly from reality.

Dye concentration increases from left to right for each color

Recommended proportions vary. Add EP7701 agents to achieve desired color, but do not overdose. Begin by adding a single drop for each 3 oz of liquid plastic. Continue adding until desired color is achieved. Shake bottle well prior to usage. If you would like an opaque dye, see our product EP7702.

EP7701 is available in the following sizes

1 oz
3 oz
6 oz
8 oz
1 pint
1 quart
1 gallon

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