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EP7702 & Castolite Opaque Pigmenting Dyes for Urethanes, Epoxy and Polyester Resin Systems.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: EP7702 & Castolite Pigment is a family of opaque coloring additives which are compatible with various Eager Plastics resin systems such as epoxies, polyesters and polyurethanes. The best coloring effect is achieved in water clear resins (EP4101 crystal clear polyester or SC325 Color-Match series) or in light-colored systems (EP1150 or EP9801). EP7702 provides the following outstanding features:

1. Low viscosity liquid for easy mixing
2. High color concentration gives powerful effect
3. All colors compatible with most resins
4. No odor
5. No effect on pot life or demold time within prescribed %
6. No effect on final, cured plastic properties within prescribed %
7. No effect on subsequent decoration procedures (i.e. painting)
8. Good age stability. Resists fading

EP7702 is available in the following colors:

Mustard Gold (Sienna)
Peach / Flesh
Fire Red (Price is about double of those listed below)
* Glow-in-the-Dark, tinted to the green (* Note Special Pricing below)
Pearlescent P01 (Your standard glistening pearl/Special pricing)
Dual Pearlescent DP19 (Pearl with amazing highlights of Red, blue and green/Special Pricing)

Recommended proportions vary. Add EP7702 or Castolite Pigment agents to achieve desired color, but do not overdose. Begin with a single drop for a 3 oz. batch of liquid plastic. Shake bottle vigorously prior to usage. If there is any difficulty dispensing colorant, remove clear plastic nozzle and add color with a toothpick. To prevent color from drying up, replace both clear nozzle and white cape after each use.

EP7702 Opaque pigments are available in the following sizes:
1 oz bottle - $3.50
2 oz bottle - $6.50
3 oz bottle - $8.95
4 oz bottle - $11.00
6 oz bottle - $15.00
8 oz bottle - $17.95
Pint bottle - $31.95
Quart bottle - $52.95
Gallon Pail - $139.95
5 Gallon Pail - $559.80

* Special pricing for Glow-in-the-Dark
1 oz bottle - $15.00
6 oz bottle - $60.00
8 oz bottle - $62.00
Pint bottle - $70.00
Quart bottle - $95.00
Gallon Pail - $279.00
NEW: We now have INSTINT Color Service!
We can now produce thousands of colors on our INSTINT Color Dispenser.
Just choose a RAL code and let us know what resin it will be going into. Pint minimum and custom pricing apply.

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