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EP85-215 Dental Epoxy for making impressions and crowns

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  EP85-215 is a dental epoxy die material used in making the pattern for inlays, crowns, etc. EP85-215 provides the following outstanding features:


(1) Excellent strength

(2)  Excellent hardness (90D shore D)  

(3)  Excellent abrasion resistance

(4) Superior toughness and chip resistance 

(5)  Low viscosity (very fluid and pourable) no need of heaters

(6)  Eye resting colors: French blue, off-white and Gray    

(7)  Ample working time of 15 - 20 minutes with a 4 hour demold and 10 - 16 hour cure time

(8)  Convenient mix ratio: 10 parts resin to 1 part activator, by weight

(9)  Internal bubble release reduces air bubbles and porosity

(10)  Permanent dimensional stability 


EP85-215 is supplied as an exact-ratio kit with just the right amount of activator for the resin supplied.  The entire contents of the activator bottle can be poured into the resin can for mixing, or small batches can be mixed using 10 parts resin to 1 part activator, by weight. An accurate scale should be used to insure correct weights. Resin and activator should be mixed THOROUGHLY, then poured into the impression mold.  Since EP85-215 has such a low viscosity, that air bubbles are not normally a problem. Because of the adhesive nature of epoxies, it is advisable to spray the impression mold with our EaseRelease #200 separator before pouring the resin.


EP85-215 is available in the following size kits:


1 Quart kit           2 ½ lb

1 Gallon kit          10  lb

5 Gallon kit          50  lb


Warning:  Uncured product may cause respiratory or skin irritation with possible sensitization. Use only with adequate ventilation. If skin contact occurs, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of eye contact, flood with water and call a physician. Use of gloves and face shield is recommended.  This product should not be used near food or where prolonged skin contact may occur.


Disclaimer:  This information is based on sources that we believe to be accurate. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee, since conditions of use are beyond control. All  risk of use are assumed by the user.

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