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Atomite (Calcium Carbonate) Powder

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Atomite (EP7705) is a finely-divided, free-flowing calcium carbonate powder with a pure white color. It is compatible with various Eager Polymers resin systems such as epoxies, polyesters and polyurethanes. It is a micro-pulverized product of high-purity sugar calcite with a mean particle size of 2.5 microns. Atomite is a high calcium-content limestone. It has also been referred to as whiting, calcium salt, calcium carbonate, chalk, calcite, marble dust, lime, aragonite and limestone.

APPLICATIONS: In addition to using atomite in Eager Polymers Resin Systems as a plastic filler, our calcium carbonate powder can be used in floor covering products, asphalt filler, pesticide granules, rubber, chemical processing, welding rod coatings, interior and exterior paint systems, asphalt filler, caulks, mastics and sealants, water treatment, ceramic fluxes, glazing and glass raw materials, dusting agents, sealants, specialty coated papers, boxboard, wallboard and wallpaper coating, chewing gum, etc. When used with our clear cast polyester resin EP4101, marble-like castings can be achieved.

The addition of atomite provides the following outstanding features when used in Eager Polymers Resin Systems:

1. Fine particle size for easy mixing
2. Excellent white color
3. Reduces resin exotherm
4. Reduces shrinkage and warpage
5. Improves machinability
6. No odor or toxicity
7. No effect on subsequent decoration procedures (i.e., painting)
8. Good age stability
9. Not hydroscopic
10. Reduces cost of resin necessary

Specific gravity: 2.71
Surface pH: 9.4
Natural Color: White
Oil Absorption (rub out): 15
Average Particle Size: 2.5 microns
Hardness (Mho): 3.0
Index of Refraction: 1.59
Water soluble salts: 0.06%
Particle shape: Irregular
Crystallography: Hexagonal

98.2% CaCO3
1.20% MgCO3
0.25% SiO2 0.12% Al2O3
0.06% Fe2O3
0.0035% MnO
0.2% Moisture

PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION, listed as percent by weight at or below listed size:
100% below 15 microns
98% below 10 microns
80% below 5 microns
50% below 2.5 microns
25% below 1 microns

Recommended proportions vary. Add atomite to suit application keeping in mind that the greater the amount, the thicker the viscosity and the cooler the peak exotherm. Typical shelf life of Atomite is 1 year when kept dry.

Atomite is available in the following sizes:
1 Gallon plastic bag (8 lb)
Original paper bag (50 lb)
Multiple bags or skid (2,500 lbs)

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