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Source for liquid thermosets: silicones, moldmaking urethanes, casting plastics, polyester resins, epoxy.
Fiberglass fabrics, release agents, fillers and dyes.
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Eager Polymers General Catalog

Our two-component liquid polymer systems have been used by our diverse client base for hundreds of applications: industrial design; prototypes; wax candle making; special effects; fiberglass boat, automobile, motorcycle, pool, snow mobile, industrial tank and awning repair; architectural restoration; sculpture, model and figurine reproduction; sculpting; furniture finishing; pattern making; doll making; theater set design; lost-wax jewelry production; replication of dinosaur bones; metal (copper, bronze, brass, aluminum) cold casting; M.F.A. shows; PhD and national lab research; piano finishing; encapsulation of biological or archeological specimens; commercial and magazine advertisement props; special effects for movies; drawer fronts and custom handles and knobs; foundry patterns; conductive pastes; statuary; cedar strip canoe projects; restaurant table manufacture; Halloween masks; custom moldings; lawn ornament casting; mannequins; mirror and picture frames; repairing cracks in cement foundations or stairs; golf club heads; muffling and sound barriers; boat dock bumpers; stepping stone molds; point of sale displays; science projects; high-school and university chemistry class demos; cultured marble casting; cement column casting; classic car restoration (reproducing hood ornaments & tail light lenses and building custom spoilers); casting clear paperweights; lightweight cement canoe projects; expanding foams for boat flotation; in-store displays; electrical potting compounds; beer tap handles; wall plaques; trophy production; custom corporate awards and plaques; release agents in dental crown production; palm pilot casings; concrete planter and fountain molds; model rocket production; architectural models; cell-phone tower disguises; model railroad cars; magnets; filling vacuum and pressure gauges; custom restaurant lighting; Burning Man Festival stages; model rocket bodies; custom interior design jobs; room dividers; tatami rooms; playground equipment; antique car repair; toy prototyping; filling bowling ball holes; boat floatation; soft flexible foams for cushions and bumper cars; etc.

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Flexible Moldmaking Silicones

Pourable Room-Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Systems: Tin and Platinum Catalyzed; Fast curing (5 minutes) and slow curing (24 hours) systems; RTV Thinning Agent (Thinner, Diluent); Wood and Metal Primer; Curing Agent Accelerators; Slow, Fast and Ultra Fast Catalysts; Clear and Highly Flexible Silicone; Silicone Compatible Coloring Concentrates; RTV325, RTV1000, P50, P90; Mix Ratio by Volume or Weight; High temperature-resistant systems allowing for casting of low melting metals such as pewter and lead.

Flexible Moldmaking Urethanes (Pourable Liquids and Brush-On Pastes)

Low-viscosity Pourable Liquid Systems; Highly flexible or stiff; Hardness from 10 A to 90 A; Make molds for casting Gypsum, Plaster, Cement, Concrete, Urethane, Epoxy, Polyester; Lost-Wax Jewelry Production. Thick Brush-on Products for Mother Mold Production or on-site architectural restoration. Brush-on Latex, natural Alginate for "Life-casting" and Flex-wax, low melting point wax.

Semi-Rigid and Rigid Casting Urethanes

Two-Part Liquid Castable Urethane Plastics With a Wide Range of Properties: Hardness from 0 to 90 A (Flexible) and 50 D to 90 D (Semi-Flexible to Rigid); Cure Time From 2 min to 24 hr; UV-protected Water-clear; Rubber Glass (a.k.a. Pico Glass, Sugar Glass); 2, 3, 5, 15 lb/cu ft Foams; 5 & 10 lb cu/ft Flexible Foams; Color-matching translucent systems; Opaque Pigments; Transparent Tinting Agents.

Epoxy Systems

Room-Temperature Curing; Highly-Adhesive & Waterproof; Tooling; Electrical Potting; Filled with Aluminum or Silica; Unfilled; Abraision Resistant; Machineable; Heat Resistant; Clear Surface Coats for Wood; Laminating Epoxies for Carbon-Fiber and Kevlar; Clear Epoxy for Cedar-strip canoes; Single-component Heat-cure; Floor-finishing Epoxies; Plexus Methacrylate Adhesive MA300; PLIOGRIP®-7779.

Pigments and Dyes

We offer a full line of pigments and dyes compatible with polyester resin, epoxy, shellac and urethane. Choose from over 20 versions of a transparent (allowing light to transmit through) and 10 opaque coloring agents. Including glow-in-the-dark.

Polyester Resins and Fiberglassing Supplies

Laminating, Bonding, Finishing, Corrossion and Acid Resistant Resins; isophthalic and orthothalic chemically-resistant systems; Custom-colored Gel Coats; Waxed and Unwaxed Resins; MEK-P catalyst; Styrene Monomer; Duratec Coatings and Primers; Glasin; Surface and Wax Additive; Resin Guns; Cab-O-Sil; Barium Sulphate; Methylene Chloride Cleaning Solvent (Non-flammable Solvent Similar to Acetone); High-grit polishing/buffing compound cream for boats and cars. High-gloss finish resins.

Fiberglass Fabric

1.5 oz mat, 6 & 10 oz Cloth, 24 oz Woven Roving (Sold by the yard on a 50" wide roll); 1"-12" wide 9 oz Tape; 0.25" - 0.50" Chopped Strand Fibers (great for reinforcing urethane or plaster); Gun Roving & Chopper Guns; Fiberglass Lay-up Rollers; Fiberglass Flock; Kevlar; Carbon Fiber; Shoji Screen; Resin Guns.

Resin Fillers and Additives

Fillite; Microballoons (Sil-Cel) Hallow glass spheres; Aluminum, Iron, Brass & Bronze Powders; Nytal 400 (Talc) White Powder; Calcium Carbonate (Atomite); Fiberglass Flock; Chopped Strand; Cabosil

Release Agents

Full Line of Release Agents: Silicone and Teflon Aerosol Sprays; Wax; PVA. Oily and dry. Spray or Brush-on. For releasing silicone from silicone, urethane from silicone, urethane from urethane, epoxy from urethane, fiberglass from latex, plastics and polyester from plaster and metal, etc.

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