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Raw Materials for Boat Repair - Chicago

Eager Plastics supplies raw materials for do-it-yourself boat repair such as fiberglass fabrics (cloth, mat, woven roving and tape); waxed and unwaxed polyester resins; custom-colored gel coats; cabosil; finishing resins; surface wax; PVA; mold release paste wax; chopped strand; resin and chopper guns; MEK-P catalyst; and lay-up rollers. We are located 3 miles northeast of Midway Airport in Chicago.

For over 25 years, Eager Plastics has been heavily committed to supplying Chicago and suburban boat owners and harbors with the supplies needed to repair boats ranging in size from small kayaks and canoes up to large yachts and sail boats. Please read below a bit more about the materials we have for your repair.

We offer four types of raw fiberglass fabric available by the yard on 50" wide rolls (1.5 oz random chopped strand mat; 6 oz or 10 oz woven cloth; and a 24 oz woven roving). In addition, we have woven fiberglass tapes ranging in width from 2" to 12", with a length of 50 yards, gun roving spools, resin guns and chopper guns.

This fabric must be impregnated with a polyester laminating resin (price includes catalyst) to do the boat repair. Our polyester resins are high-quality isophthalic-based systems that, when used properly, can be used below the water-line. Our line includes wax-free polyester laminating resins (EP4117), waxed finishing resins (EP4111) and gel coats. Finish resins and gel coats can be custom colored. There is a one gallon minimum order and colors take 2 days to be manufactured.

To read more about our polyester resins, fiberglass fabrics, and the guidelines to determine how much material you may need for your repair, please see our online fiberglassing catalog.

Eager Plastics does not perform boat repairs at our southwest-side warehouse. We simply supply the raw materials for our clients to do the repairs themselves. Do to the large number of inquiries received, we are limited to the amount of time we can spend training those who have never worked in fiberglass before. It is best if you have some limited experience in fiberglass repair, or have a friend who has some experience before expecting successful results on a first-time boat repair. If this is your first time working with fiberglass prodcuts, you may want to consider one of the following books:

FIBERGLASS REPAIRS - by Paul J Petric. Deals soley with the subject of fiberglass repairs starting with simple ones to complex repairs. 75 pp, $10.95.

THE FIBERGLASS REPAIR & CONSTRUCTION HANDBOOK - by Jack Wiley. Highly informative book yet easy to understand. 218 pp, $19.95.

BOATBUILDING FROM FIBERGLASS HULLS AND KITS - by Jack Wiley. Covers all aspects of kit boat assembly. 162 pp, $26.95.

FIBERGLASS BOATBUILDING FOR AMATEURS - by Ken Hankensen. Highly comprehensive in every way. 392 pp, $29.95.

BOAT BUILDER’S MANUAL - edited by Charles Walbridge. Concentrates on the construction of fiberglass canoes & kayaks. 116 pages 6 x 9. $10.95

BUILDING A STRIP CANOE - by Gil Gilpatrick. Includes four (4) full-sized patterns aimed at building canoes that can be used for fun. 85 pp, $14.95.

For major holes or repairs that you do not feel comfortable working on yourself, we refer you to one of the following companies:

The Chicago Sailing Club - offers mobile marine service to the Chicago harbors through its service department, Proper Yacht, Inc. From preventative maintenance to repairs, installations and yacht management. Fiberglass repairs; Painting, varnishing and finishing; Yacht detailing and cleaning from Bimini to bottom; Woodwork; Equipment installations; Electrical; Mechanical; Rigging; Engine Maintenance; Plumbing; Holding tank pump-out; Fueling and water fill; Interior detailing; Exterior detailing; Polishing and waxing; Provisioning. Proper Yacht is centrally located on "B" dock in Belmont Harbor, at the Chicago Sailing Club. 773.252.3700.

Chicago Yacht Yard (2550 S. Ashland Ave, 312-666-6670) - Major fiberglass boat repairs & surface finishing, rebuilds, mechanical and engine work.

Naperville Marine (10 S 059 Schoger Rd #8C, 630-978-7590) - Fiberglass boat repair, including gel-coats and finishing.

Yacht Chicago - General information for the Chicago boating community.

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