3350 W. 48th Pl. Chicago, IL 60632-3000. Phone 773-927-3484, FAX 773-650-5853.
Source for liquid thermosets: silicones, moldmaking urethanes, casting urethanes, polyester resins, epoxy.
Fiberglass fabrics, release agents, fillers and dyes.
All products available in small quantity.

Chicago's Cows on Parade

These hard urethane miniature cows will remind you of Chicago's Cows on Parade that took over the city during the summer of 1999. Measuring 38"x16"x8" and weighing just 5 lbs, they are easily painted and decorated. Use for class projects, fun with the kids or decorate for resale. Decorated, some of these cows have sold for over $1000! Unpainted sale price of $249.

Request a custom decoration or paint job by a local artist. Possibilites include themes related to universities, high schools, businesses, movies, landscapes, famous people, etc. We work with your ideas! Call for pricing.
If this product looks interesting and you want to make your own from the raw materials, please visit our catalog or call us today! If you have any products you would like us to include in our finished product category, or you can do custom work please contact us at 773-927-3484 or send us an email.

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