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Dragon Skin

Addition Cure Silicone Rubber Compounds

               PRODUCT OVERVIEW

Text Box: Dragon Skintm and Dragon Skintm Q are high performance platinum cure silicone rubbers that can be mixed 1A:1B by weight or volume and cures at room temperature with no shrinkage to a Shore 10A.  Cured Dragon Skintm is very soft, very strong and very “stretchy”.  It will stretch many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion.

Dragon Skintm is suitable for many special effects applications, especially animatronics where repetitive motion is required.  It is water white translucent and will accept pigments for creating color effects or for creating a paint that can be painted on to an existing Dragon Skintm (or other) silicone surface.  Because of the superior physical properties and softness of Dragon Skintm, it is also used for orthopedic & cushioning applications.      Dragon Skintm has a pot life of 20 minutes and a demold time of 5 hours.
In A Hurry?  Dragon Skintm Q (Q = Quick) has a pot life of 8 minutes and a demold time of 75 minutes.


Text Box:           Key Values:    ~Mixing Ratio: 1A to 1B by weight or volume                  ~Shore A Hardnesss:  10  
                                                                           ~Color:  Translucent Clear



Text Box: Cure Inhibition – Addition cured silicone rubber may be inhibited by certain contaminants in or on the pattern to be molded (such as sulfur based clays, polyesters, certain wood surfaces, epoxies & urethane rubber) resulting in tackiness at the pattern interface or a total lack of cure throughout the mold.  If compatibility between the rubber and the surface is a concern, a small-scale test is recommended.  Apply a small amount of rubber onto a non-critical area of the pattern.  Inhibition has occurred if the rubber is gummy or uncured after the recommended cure time has passed.  

To prevent inhibition, a “barrier coat” of clear acrylic lacquer applied to the model surface is usually effective.  Allow any sealer to thoroughly dry.

Applying A Release Agent?   Although not usually necessary, a release agent will make demolding easier when casting into or over most surfaces.  Ease Release 800tm does not contain silicone oil and is ideal for making molds with silicone rubber.  Mann Ease Release tm products are available from Smooth-On or your Smooth-On distributor.   If casting silicone into silicone, use Ease Release 800 tm only.  ~IMPORTANT:  To ensure thorough coverage, lightly brush the release agent with a soft brush over all surfaces of the model.  Follow with a light mist coating and let the release agent dry for 30 minutes.  

If there is any question about the effectiveness of a sealer/release agent combination, a small scale test should be made on an identical surface for trial.  You can also contact Smooth-On for technical assistance.

            Measuring & Mixing

               Pouring         Curing         Mold Performance

Text Box: For best results, pour your mixture in a single spot at the lowest point of the containment field.  Let the rubber seek its level up and over the model.  A uniform flow will help minimize entrapped air.  The liquid rubber should level off at least 1/2” (1.3 cm) over the highest point of the model surface.  
Curing . . . Allow rubber to cure as prescribed at room temperature (75°F/23°C) before demolding.  Full physical properties are attained after 24 hours cure at room temperature.   Do not cure rubber where temperature is less than 65°F /18°C. Allow mold to cool to room temperature before using.  

If Using As A Mold . . . When first cast, silicone rubber molds exhibit natural release characteristics.  Depending on what is being cast into the mold, mold lubricity may be depleted over time and parts will begin to stick.  No release agent is necessary when casting wax or gypsum.  Applying a release agent such as Universal Mold Release or Ease Release 200 (available from Smooth-On) prior to casting polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins is recommended to prevent mold degradation.















Thickening With Thi-Vex Thickening Agent . . .  A very small amount of Thi-vex will thicken the rubber brushable for vertical surface application.  0.25% - 0.5% Thi-vex (% of the total weight of the mixture, A+B) is all that is necessary.

Example:  100 Parts A + 100 Parts B (mix thoroughly) + 0.5 Parts by weight = brushable, some sag

                 100 Parts A + 100 Parts B (mix thoroughly) + 1.0 Part by weight = thick brushable, no sag


Three to four thin layers should be the goal – 3/8” (1 cm).  Let all layers cure for 4 hours before demolding.













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