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Ease Release 200 Mold Release Aerosol

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Ease-Release 200 (ER200) is unique in the field of aerosol release agents in that it works. Throughout an extremely broad spectrum of diverse conditions, ER200 has out-performed most other releases regardless of type. In selecting a release agent, the three major considerations are: (1) what is the mold material? (2) what is the molding resin? (3) what is the service?

ER200 is effective on all non-porous molds including such materials as aluminum, steel, epoxy, polyester, RTV rubber, sealed wood, sealed plaster, glass, ceramic, etc. No active solvents or corrosive ingredients are present; therefore, the mold surface is in no danger of erosion or attack. It can be applied to painted surfaces without lifting or dissolving the paint.

ER200 is superior with epoxies, polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane foams, phenolics, polyesters, etc. Even with the most adhesive resins, ER200 prevents bonding.

ER200 operates efficiently in most service conditions. ER200 will not carbonize even at high temperature and no loss of release property occurs anywhere in the operational temperature range of -30°F to 500°F. This release does not require oven drying, but dries instantaneously at room temperature. Being totally noncombustible, it is completely safe to use even around an open flame.

This product should be sprayed inside the mold prior to casting parts. If you need a parting agent between the original piece/pattern and the molding material when making the mold, use our product Ease Release 800.

Using Ease Release 200 provides the following outstanding features when used with Eager Plastics' resin and moldmaking systems:

* Easy to apply
* Produces a satin finish on molded part
* Convenient aerosol cans can be used at any angle, even upside down
* This allows spraying even hard to reach areas
* Excellent release
* Excellent surface finish and precise duplication of mold detail is routine whenever a thin, uniform coating is applied
* Effective over a wide temperature range
* Versatility: effective on most molds regardless of casting resin being used
* Safe, non-flammable and non-toxic
* Available in bulk for greater cost savings

ER200 inhibits some water-clear and some orthophthalic polyester resins. In those cases, use one of the other Ease-Release numbers. ER200 won't stop. Any release that has transferred to the part will resist all painting, finishing, or bonding unless the part is thoroughly and totally degreased. If the part will be painted use Ease Release 500, which is a dry release based on teflon, that can be easily wiped off with a rag, allowing for subsequent paint application. After repeated applications of ER200, a residue will begin to appear on the mold which should be cleaned off periodically.

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