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SG Ceramic Microspheres

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: SG Ceramic Microspheres (EP7707) is a finely-divided, free-flowing spherical powder with a gray-green color. It is compatible with various Eager Polymers resin systems such as epoxies, polyesters and polyurethanes. Because of its neutral density, EP7707 SG Ceramic Microspheres does not float or sink. It will remain uniformly dispersed in the liquid resin until it sets, thus eliminating warping of the plastic part.

SG Ceramic Microspheres is a glass-hard, inert hollow silicate sphere. SG Ceramic Microspheres is primarily used to reduce the weight of plastics rubbers, resins and cement, but has been used a variety of filler applications. Other applications include use in refractories, PVC flooring, SBR latex carpet backing, break linings, phenolics, epoxies, cast polyesters, synthetic marbles, syntactic foams, BMC, SMC, FRP, low-density cements, shotcrete, wallboard joint compounds and automative sound dampening sheets.

The addition of EP7707 SG Ceramic Microspheres provides the following outstanding features:

1. Fine particle size for easy mixing
2. Reduces cost
3. Reduces resin exotherm
4. Reduces shrinkage and warpage
5. Improves machinability
6. No odor or toxicity
7. No effect on subsequent decoration procedures (i.e. painting)
8. Good age stability
9. Reduced water absorption
10. Improved Chemical Resistance
11. Improved Flame Retardance

Average Particle Density: 0.7 g/cc
Average Bulk Density: 0.45 g/cc
Packing Factor: 63%
Hardness: Mohs Scale 5
Average Wall Thickness: 7% sphere diameter
Particle Size Range: 5 - 300 microns
Melting point: 1200 - 1350°C
Oil Adsorption: 17 g oil/100 g
Surface Moisture: 0.2% max
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 8 x 10-6 K
Crush Strength: 2500 psi

60% SiO2
30% Al2O3
4% Fe2O3
0.5-4% K2O / Na2O
1-2% MgO
0.2-1.0% CaO

70% CO2
30% N2

Recommended proportions vary. Add SG Ceramic Microspheres to suit application keeping in mind that the greater the amount, the thicker the viscosity and the cooler the peak exotherm.

SG Ceramic Microspheres is available in the following sizes:
  • 1 Gallon bag (3 lb)
  • 5 Gallon bag (15 lb)
  • Original paper bag (50 lb)
  • Multiple bags or Skid (2000 lbs) - Call

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