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Resin Filler Powders

There are numerous fillers that can be used to tailor the properties of a liquid plastic system prior to casting. Not only are these fillers used to increase the viscosity of your liquid resin system (thickening agent), but you will also affect the properties of the finished product. Some properties you can affect are cured density, strength, color, machinability, smoothness and sandability. Have a look at our summary below to learn about your different filler options and click on any of the headings to read a detailed data sheet on that particular powder filler.

Aluminum Powder - 99.7% Purity, 30 micron Aluminum Powder. Available in small or large quantity. For academia or industry. Economical.

Atomite - White calcium carbonate (CaCO3) powder used to give a marble-like appearance in castings. Can be used in polyester, epoxy or urethane systems. Reduces shrinkage and warpage, and improves machinability.

Cab-o-sil - Mostly used as a resin thickening (thixotropic) additive for polyester or epoxy systems. In general it is not used in urethanes, but it can be added to our EP1150 urethane to create a brush-on rubber for mold making or to use as a urethane adhesive.

Chopped Strand - Chopped fiberglass in 1/4" or 1/2" lengths, usually used to strengthen liquid polyester resins. Can also be used in urethane systems (in combination with fillite), to increase cured strength.

Fiberglass Flock - Used mainly in polyester and epoxy systems. Not only can you thicken a liquid resin to a paste-like consistency, but because fiberglass flock is actually ground glass, you can greatly increase the strength of the system.

SG Ceramic Microspheres - Grey powder added to liquid urethane systems as an inexpensive filler (takes up space and therefore you use less of the more expensive liquid system). Because of its density, it will neither float to the top or sink to the bottom in a liquid resin. Cured castings that will float in water can be achieved if enough is added.

Sil-Cell Microballoons - These hollow silica spheres behave similarly to Fillite, except that there is a higher tendency for the particles to float in low-viscosity systems. Its natural color is bright white.

Talc - Addition of this ultra-fine, bright white powder reduces shrinkage and improves smoothness, abrasion resistance and temperature resistance in epoxy, urethane and polyester systems.

EP9009 - When added to epoxy, urethane or polyester, this liquid plasticizer blend increases cured toughness, resiliency and flexibility.

Molecular Sieves - If you suspect that you have a liquid urethane system (rubber, plastic, paint, coating) that has been contaminated with moisture, it is sometimes possible to reverse the effect through the addition of Molecular Sieves.

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