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Fiberglass fabrics, release agents, fillers and dyes.
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Polyester Resins, Fiberglass Fabric and Powder Fillers

Product Notes
Name And
  Common Uses  
Polyester Resins, Activators & Additives  
20 min pot life & 24 hr cure at 75 F. 85 D Hardness
*EP4101 For Crystal Clear Castings. Wax-free
*Castolite AC For Crystal Clear Castings. Wax-free. UV Resistant
*EP4111 Tack-free Finishing Resin. Waxed Resin
*INSTINT MaxGuard Gel Coat All Colors. Color Matching Free
*EP4117 General Purpose Laminating Resin. Wax-free
EP4140 Flexible Resin
Glasin For Truck and Corvette Repair
*MEK-P Catalyst Resin Hardener / Catalyst
*Surface Wax Liquid Wax Additive to Create Finish Resin  
Fiberglass Fabrics    
*1.5 oz (per sq ft) mat Most Common. Good for Contours 20 sq ft layup per gal resin
*6 oz (per sq yd) cloth Good Choice For Cedar Strip Canoes 50 sq ft layup per gal resin
*10 oz (per sq yd) cloth Good Choice For Cedar Strip Canoes 75 sq ft layup per gal resin
*18 oz (per sq yd) Woven Roving
*24 oz (per sq yd) Woven Roving Fast Build-up. High Strength 20 sq ft layup per gal resin
*Tape 9 oz (per sq yd) 2, 4, 6, or 12" x 50 Yd. For Quick Repairs
*1708 Biaxial Fiberglass For Structural Applications
*1/4" & 1/2" Chopped Strand For Making Pastes; Increase strength of Plaster
*Fiberglass Flock Used for Sharp Corners as a Fillet. Make Paste.
*Shoji Screen Thin Non-flammable Fabric. For Room Dividers  
1 yd of 50" wide material = 12.5 sq ft
Miscellaneous Fiberglassing Supplies  
*Eager Buff 600 Polishing Compound Paste
*White Mold Wax FRP Mold Release Wax. Polishable
*PVA FRP Release Agent
*ER 2310 Seals Porous Surfaces. Easily Washable
*ER 205 Excellent Release for Polyester
*Styrene Monomer Polyester Thinning Agent
*Lay-up Rollers - Straight Good for flat surfaces
*Lay-up Rollers - Barrell Use for contoured lay-up
*Rollers - Radius To squeeze glass in sharp corners
*Liquid Dispenser Bottle Repeated Fast Measurement of Catalyst
*Methylene Chloride Non-Flammable Cleaning Solvent
*Cobalt Napthenate 12% Resin Promoter / Curing Accelerator  
Fillers For Polyester, Epoxy and Urethane Resins
*Cotton Flock Thickens & Strengthens Resins. Reduce Shrinkage
*Cab-O-Sil Resin Thickening Powder
*Fiberglass Flock Used for Sharp Corners as a Fillet. Make Paste.
*1/4" or 1/2" Chopped Strand For filleting. Increases strenghts of plastics.
*Sil-Cel (Microballoons) Improve Imapct Strength. Reduce Weight.
*Aluminum Powder Create Pewter-like color. Improve Machineability
Nickel Powder Create Silver-like Castings
*Iron Powder Increase Abraision Resistance. Add Weight
*Bronze Powder Cast Bronze-looking Plastic Parts
Brass Powder Cast Brass-looking Plastic Parts
Copper Powder Cast Copper-looking Plastic Parts
*Silica Powder 325 Mesh Abraision Resistance
*Ceramic Microspheres Reduces Resin Needed. Displaces Volume
*Atomite (Calcium Carbonate) Gives Plastics White, Marble-like Appearnace
*BT2204 White Talc Resin Thickener. Improves Sanding Properties
*Barium Sulphate Add Weight to Resin Castings. Keeps Fe in Suspension
*Cab-O-Sil Activator Enhances Effect of Cab-O-Sil  
* Denotes Stock Item

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