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MA300 Two-part Methacyrlate Adhesive

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: MA300 is a two component adhesive supplied in ready-to-use cartridges. This fast-setting methacyrlate adheisve has been successul in bonding the following materials where strong structural bonds must be formed: ABS, acyrlics, aluminum, FRP, gelcoats, PVC, ceramics, SMC, polyesters, carbon steel, stainless steel, styrenecs, urethanes, and vinyl esters. Nearly all metals and most thermoplastics and composites can be bonded with MA300. Maximum recommended use temperature is 200F. The system, however, can withstand short term exposure to temperatures as high as 220F.

APPLICATIONS: Plexus adhesives are toughened adhesives designed for structural bonding applications. MA300 can also be used to join many thermoplastic assemblies in automobiles such as dashboards, knee bolsters and bumpers. The Class 8 Heavy Duty truck industry uses MA300 for bonding cab and sleeper assemblies made of FRP or SMC. With a working time of 5 minutes and a setting time (75% of its strength) of 15 minutes, fully cured the system is chemically resistance to acids and bases (pH 3-10), hydrocarbons, salt solutions and polar solvents.

TO USE: The adhesive and activator are mixed in static mixing tubes upon dispensing. Hand held manual or pneumatic dispensing guns are available from Eager Plastics.

MA300 has difficulty bonding well-know materials that are difficult to bond, such as teflon, polyethylene, polypropylene, Derlin and most rubbers.

MA300 is available in the following sizes:
50 ml Tube kit (25 ml x 25 ml)
400 ml Tube kit (200 ml x 200 ml)
10 Gallon Kit - Call
110 Gallon Drum Kit - Call

Dispenser guns for these systems are either manual (hand-powered) or pneumatic (air-powered) and are available from Eager Plastics.

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