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PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol Release Agent

EP7930 PVA solution is a unique release agent composed of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) resin in a water and alcohol solvent system. PVA provides positive release with excellent part finish for most resins, and in particular, in reinforced fiberglass production and FRP.

The release film that is formed is lustrous, flexible and non-tacky. The normal color is green, however blue, clear or red can also be supplied in drum quantities. PVA provides a medium viscosity with a fast evaporation rate and a good transparent color density. This color density is important, providing a means of visually inspecting the films uniformity.

This PVA solution serves as an effective and versatile parting agent for most resin systems. PVA can be used either as the sole release agent or in conjunction with another release agent such as white mold wax for greater release assurance. The practice of employing Eager Plastics’ PVA, in conjunction with a release wax is of particular value when new molds are placed in service.

Application is simple. PVA can be either brushed or sprayed. For complete mold coverage and uniform thickness, spray is recommended. The proper spray technique is to first deposit a very fine “fog” or tack coat. Allow that to dry. Then apply a heavier fill coat. Allow this to dry completely. This coating can be used as the sole release agent or superimposed over a previously waxed mold for greater release assurance. It is important to “fog” apply the first coat over wax in order to minimize the tendency of the PVA to bead up.

In unusually difficult molding situations, improved separation ease can be achieved by re-dissolving the PVA film by working warm water into the interface (between the mold and part). Any transfer of the PVA onto the parts during demolding can be readily removed with warm water.

Eager Plastics' PVA is available in the following sizes:
  • Pint
  • Quart
  • Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • 55 Gallon Drum - Call

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