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Fiberglassing Radius Corner Lay-up Rollers

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Using Eager Plastics' line of fiberglassing lay-up rollers has many benefits. By squeezing out resin from wet areas and relocating it to dry areas. It forces resin from the wet top layers to drier layers. This decreases the amount of resin used for a job and makes fiberglass parts stronger. Plastic rollers are easily cleaned with acetone or methylene chloride and can withstand being dropped to the floor. Aluminum rollers are more for industrial use when a torch can be used to burn the resin off, and the fins may bend if dropped to the floor.

Radius rollers are best used where fiberglass cloth must be configured into sharp corners.

Available in the following sizes:

3/8" Thick x 2" Diameter (Aluminum)

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